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Mar 12, 2020

Water Contamination From PFOA

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Water contamination from PFOA & PFOS in Australia is a hot topic right now, with Erin Brockovich working with Shine Lawyers on a class action case investigating 90 affected communities Australia wide.

Since Brockovich famously won a $US333 million lawsuit in 1993 against energy corporation Pacific Gas and Electric Company (PG&E), she has devoted her time to similar class action cases around the world. When asked what motivates Erin Brockovich to get involved in a case, she responds “My first love clearly is water, and the environment and public health and welfare.”

What is PFOS & PFOA?

PFOS & PFOA (Per-and poly fluoroalkyl substances) are harmful chemicals that have been used in firefighting foams for nearly 50 years. The chemicals are used because they are extremely good at smothering liquid fuel fires. This type of foam is commonly used on RAAF, HMAS and Army bases across Australia. It’s also worth noting that PFOA and PFOS are not just in firefighting foams.

“These substances are persistent, bio-accumulative, and toxic, and thus of substantial environmental concern.”

Erin Brockovich warned the Australian community of this concerning issue in 2016. At the time there were only a few sites under investigation, including Williamstown and Oakley. Now there are 90 areas under investigation.

“It’s a huge contaminant in the water that’s very toxic to the environment, to your food chain and to public health and safety.”

- Erin Brockovich

How is PFOS & PFOA introduced to drinking water?

PFOS & PFOA are most commonly introduced to local drinking water supplies in areas where a dam or catchment is close to a RAAF or Army base.

Many years of using firefighting foams can cause surface and groundwater contamination, which in turn can contaminate local bore and dam water supplies.

What are the health concerns of PFOS & PFOA?

Water Filtration Systems Australia

Studies performed on rats and mice have shown adverse effects in developing foetuses and breast-fed infants related to low birth weight, accelerated puberty, skeletal changes, testicular and kidney cancer, as well as liver damage, immune disorders and thyroid changes.

How do you know if PFOS & PFOA is in your water supply?

Visit here to find out if your community is under investigation for PFOS & PFOA water contamination.

How to reduce PFOS & PFOA from your water?

Pure Water Systems has you covered! We have three different solutions which can assist in reducing PFOS & PFOA in your drinking water, depending on your living situation.

Solution 1: Bench Top & Under Sink Water Filtration

Our Bench Top Water Filter & Under Sink Water Filtration Systems utilise our exclusive Hi-Tech Optimiser cartridge. The formulation of the Hi-Tech Optimiser has been tested and certified for the reduction of 95.5% PFOA & PFOS from the drinking water*.

*Based on NSFP473 certification performance testing conducted on the Multipure CB6 filter, tested to 120% of capacity (2634L) at a flow rate of 2.8L per minute at 60 psi inlet pressure.

*The Hi-Tech Optimiser has been manufactured by Multipure exclusively for Pure Water Systems.  Multipure has manufactured this cartridge using the same materials and manufacturing processes that is used in the CB6 filter which is certified under NSF/ANSI Standard P473 for PFOA and PFOS reduction.

Bench Top Water Filters

Solution 2: Reverse Osmosis Purification System

Reverse Osmosis Under Sink Systems

Reverse Osmosis Systems are widely known to have a very high removal rate of PFOA & PFOS. A study by The Department of Civil and Environmental Engineering at Stanford University found that Reverse Osmosis membranes generally reject 99% or more of PFOS from the water.

In addition to 97% removal of fluoride, Pure Water Systems Reverse Osmosis Systems are designed to remove almost all contaminants that may be of concern in your drinking water, including organic and inorganic compounds such as salts, Nitrates, Fluoride, Calcium, Magnesium, Cadmium and Phosphates, along with metals, bacteria, viruses, inorganic chemicals and algae.

Solution 3: Whole House Filtration System

Our Carbon Whole House System is designed to be installed inline, at the point where water enters the home, therefore filtering the entire household. This system utilises Granular Activated Carbon (GAC) which has been shown in numerous studies to reduce PFOS & PFOA.

The Water Research Foundation conducted a study found that “Nanofiltration and reverse osmosis proved to be the most effective methods of removing even the smallest PFASs. Granular activated carbon (GAC) was shown to be adept at removing most PFASs and it may be the average utility’s best bet for PFOA & PFOS contamination.”

Enjoy safer, healthier and great tasting water

Shop all our popular drinking water solutions here. Call our friendly water experts on 1300 808 966 or email to reduce PFOS & PFOA from your water.

Watch Brockovich discuss PFOS & PFOA contamination in Australian waters (click here).

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