Twin Under Sink Filter System (for Tank Water) With Ultraviolet and Leak Protection System - (No Faucet)

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Key Features

  • Environmentally friendly and economical alternative for healthy, great tasting water.
  • Easy to use with no complicated features.
  • Inactivates harmful bacteria.
  • Can be plumbed directly underneath your counter or sink or inline to a chilled application.
  • Great tasting water without removing essential minerals.
  • Highest quality parts and fittings for greater peace of mind
  • High quality, full metal construction pressure limiting valve, resulting in ultra-reliable performance, giving you peace of mind against pressure spikes causing system failures. 

Contaminants Removal

  • Unpleasant Taste and Odour
  • Bacteria and Viruses (e.g. E.coli)
  • Parasites and Cysts (e.g. Giardia & Cryptosporidium)
  • Chlorine and other Disinfection Chemicals
  • Herbicides and Pesticides


*This system and faucet (if purchased) require installation by a licensed plumber in order to be covered under our 12 month warranty. If located in a serviceable area, Pure Water Systems can organise installation on your behalf.

*Unit should be switched off at the power when going away or not in use for prolonged periods of time.

Product Description

The Under Sink Ultraviolet System is an efficient, low cost and environmentally friendly system, offering high quality, filtered water for your home or business. Combined with the Pure Water Systems Leak Protection System, this technologically advanced process provides high-quality water filtration, sterilisation and a superior defence against water damage in the event of a leak.

There are no known micro-organisms that are immune to Ultraviolet light, providing 99.99% bacteria and parasite elimination. The Under Sink Ultraviolet System utilises a combination of ultraviolet sterilisation and submicron carbon filtration causing a chemical reduction. The end result is great tasting, filtered water, provided by one of the best technologies in water filtration today.

This system is highly recommended for tank water supplies and is designed to be installed neatly underneath your sink, inline to a chilled application or solely for filtered water.  An option is also available for town water sources. (Please contact our Product Solutions Team on 1300 808 966 to order a system suitable for town water.) 

This Ultraviolet System includes your first pre-filter and submicron cartridge, high-quality housing, parts and fittings. The Pure Water Systems filtration system incorporates a precision machined, full metal construction pressure limiting valve and dual check valve, providing protection from pressure spikes, preventing backflow, and resisting water hammer. Whilst this is a requirement under Australian Standards, we have chosen this valve as it is ultra-reliable and performs to the highest standard, giving you peace of mind that your system is protected. 

Enjoy fresh, healthy filtered water at the turn of a tap by upgrading to a stylish premium faucets or 3 Way Mixer Taps for an aesthetic addition to your kitchen.



Ultraviolet Specifications

Dimensions (L x D) 278mm x 58mm*
Flow Rate 3.8 Litres / Minute**
Min / Max Temperature 0°C - 40°C
Max Pressure 100psi (690kPa)
Watermark Certification  103:2016 Certificate No.: 23384
Lamp Capacity 12 Months 
Chamber Material Stainless Steel

*Diameter: 84mm with Inlet / outlet (168mm between inlet and outlet ports)

**Flow rate and UV Dosage is based on > 30mJ/cm2 @ 85% UVT



Flow Rate 38 Litres / Minute
Min / Max Temperature 4.4 – 51.7°C
Cartridge Dimensions  248mm x 67mm
Micron Rating 5 Micron
Material Food Grade Polypropylene, Non-woven Polyester (reusable)



Flow Rate 1.9 Litres / Minute
Min/Max Pressure Min - 30 PSI - Max - 125 PSI (we recommend a minimum of 60 PSI)
Min/Max Temperature 5°C - 30°C
Product Dimensions (L x D) 248mm x 67mm 
Micron Rating Submicron
Material Ceramic outer shell, Carbon block, Ion exchange resin

*Doulton Ultracarb Cartridge is not recommended for gravity tank systems. Please contact our Product Specialists on 1300 808 966 for alternative options.


Leak Protection System Specifications

Operating Voltage 9V DC
Supply Current Typical 1.0 mA, Maximum 15.0 mA
Cable Length 1.5m for Solenoid Valve Cord
Connecting 1/2” BSP Male
Working Temperature 0—60°C
Maximum Pressure 112 PSI
Body Material Chrome Plated Brass
Solenoid Valve Chrome Plated Brass



Ultraviolet with Lamp
Twin Filter Housing with Mounting Bracket
Washable Tank Water Pre-Filter (R5)
Submicron Tank Water Cartridge (CER1)
Australian approved standard cold water connection kit including:
Isolation Tap
Pressure Limiting / Dual Check Valve
2m high pressure tube
Installation Instructions