Twin UV Whole House System

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Key Features

  • Clean, filtered water from every water source in your home
  • Healthier showers and baths
  • UV ballast with digital counter 
  • Protection cover
  • Sleek and compact design 

Contaminants Removal

  • Unpleasant Taste and Odour
  • Bacteria and Viruses (e.g. E.coli)
  • Parasites and Cysts (e.g. Giardia & Cryptosporidium)
  • Sediment and Turbidity (e.g. sand, dirt and rust)
  • Chlorine and other Disinfection Chemicals
  • Cyst Reduction


*This system and faucet (if purchased) require installation by a licensed plumber in order to be covered under our 12 month warranty. If located in a serviceable area, Pure Water Systems can organise installation on your behalf.  

*Depending on location, and the availability of a contract plumber in your area, Pure Water Systems can assist you with the installation of your system.

* Please note, all cartridges may be subject to replacement earlier than the recommended period. This is dependent on individual usage and varying Australian water quality.


Product Description

The Pure Water Systems UV Whole House System is the ultimate Point of Entry filtration solution providing twin filtration and ultraviolet radiation. This system is neatly installed at your main water source at the point of entry to your home.

This system is best suited for tank, rainwater or town water and will remove harmful micro-organisms without the use of unsafe chemicals. Keep your family safe and turn the water in your home into fresh, clean water whilst also protecting your plumbing and appliances. 

The UV system allows your water to pass through two stages of filtration including a pre-filter to remove dirt, sediment and rust, before removing chlorine, taste, odour and chemicals in the second stage of filtration. The third and final stage of the filtration process is the ultraviolet radiation, where the UV System is certified to remove 99.9999% bacteria, including E-coli and parasites. 

What is Ultraviolet Radiation?

Ultraviolet (UV) lamps expose living micro organisms like bacteria, viruses and cysts to UV light. When the micro organisms in your water meet the UV light, they are hit with enough energy to interrupt their cellular function, which then prevents them from reproducing and spreading diseases in your water.

Pure Water Systems prides itself on ensuring that every customer receives a product that they can be confident in purchasing. Therefore, to ensure that you receive a system that suits your needs, we recommend that you contact one of our friendly team to discuss the best product to suit your individual needs.



System Dimensions (H x W x L) 673mm x 218mm x 769mm
Max Pressure 350 kPa (50psi)


Protection Cover Powder coated steel
Housing     Polypropylene
UV Lamp    Quartz  Quartz thimble and stainless steel chamber


Flow Rate 75 L / Minute
Min / Max Pressure 210 - 500 kPa (30 - 73 psi)
Min / Max Temperature 5 - 38°C
Certification NSF 42 & 53 Certified


P50/05BB-20 50 / 05 Micron
DFX-CB-20BB 10 Micron