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Oct 19, 2022

3 Ways to get your Home Set for Summer

The Pure Water Systems Blog

Are you getting ready for summer? Your home should be too! Summer will be amongst us before we know it, therefore it’s time to start preparing to ensure that your home is comfortable for when the hot days roll around.

Here are 3 easy ways to get your home set for summer!

Brighten up your home with some seasonal upgrades 

If you’re entertaining guests this summer, be sure to freshen up your home to make it as cool and comfortable as possible during the warmer weather.

Ensure any ceiling fans are set in an anti-clockwise direction to help generate a cool, refreshing breeze. A quality fan circulates air, reduces moisture, and can make your home feel cooler by up to 25%. 

Did you know that fans use around 1% of the electricity consumed by air conditioners? A significantly more energy-efficient solution that will also be kind to that energy bill.

Furniture with lightweight fabric can also be a game changer. Nobody likes to sit on a hot, sticky couch, but adding a few ‘throw’ cushions or cooling fabrics can make a big difference.

Embrace that green thumb 

No matter how much time you spend inside during summer, your garden will still need some attention. Clear out the weeds and spruce up your flower beds to brighten up your garden.

A bit of TLC will go a long way – it’s time to trim those overgrown trees and hedges. To fill gaps in your grass, first remove any leaves and twigs, de-thatching dead grass with a metal rake. Ask at your local garden centre for the right seed and apply it to any bald patches or anywhere you want a thicker lawn.

Stick to good water

By good water, we mean FILTERED WATER! It is a simple fact that you drink more water when it tastes better. Not only does filtered water taste great, but it is also an environmentally friendly alternative to drinking bottled water.

Install a water filter to ensure great tasting, filtered water at the turn of a tap. Water filtration systems have a massive impact on the quality of your water.

A good system can remove:

 -          Chlorine

 -          VOCs

-           Taste and odour

-           Lead and other heavy metals

The Twin Under Sink Water Filter is an incredibly effective way to deliver the health benefits of filtered water to your home. Neatly installed under your sink, the highly efficient carbon-block filtered water solution is sure to quickly become the cornerstone of your kitchen.

Water filters are a great investment that can extend the life of other kitchen appliances such as coffee machines and kettles that require good quality water.

With summer around the corner, now is a great time to get your home in order and ready for the long, hot months ahead. Even if you don’t get around to all these things, doing just one can make a big difference.

Pure Water Systems have a water filter or system to suit every household.

From compact and easy to DIY install bench top water filters, under sink systems or even a fully digital, reverse osmosis purification system, the RO-5U.

Call 1300 808 966 and let our friendly team of water experts find the right filtered water solution for you.