Concerned about the quality of water entering your home? Then a whole house water filter system could be your answer.

A whole house filter system delivers an unlimited supply of healthy, clean, filtered water to every tap outlet, so you can be confident you and your family are drinking the best quality water available and bathing in much cleaner water with significantly fewer pollutants and contaminants.

A whole house water filter system is effective against organic chemicals, disinfection products such as chlorine, solvents and sediments and other chemicals that may be found in your town water supply.

The whole house system filters act as a barrier at point of entry to you home, removing contaminants from your water before it reaches your taps and appliances – whether it’s in your kitchen, bathroom, laundry or even the garden.

If hard water is causing you grief, a Pure Water Systems Water Softener can help to reduce the mineral content of your water, for less wear and tear on your appliances and a softer feel.