The best water filter systems in the Gold Coast

At Pure Water Systems, we have been helping Australian families experience the benefits of filtered and purified water for over 30 years.

As a family-owned business, we’ve grown into one of Australia’s largest water filtration distributors through our commitment to quality products and ongoing service.

Whether it’s a portable Bench Top Filter or a Whole House System, our team can suggest the perfect solution for your needs so you can begin to experience the benefits of healthy water.

What type of water filtration system are you offering?

We have many types of water filters, varying in how they are installed in your home, from DIY countertops to under sink water filters.

Bench Top Water Filters

Immediately improve the taste and quality of your tap water with the stylish, compact, easy to DIY install and use Bench Top Water Filter available in White or stylish Stainless Steel, designed to match any modern kitchen.

There is a filter cartridge to suit both town water supply (Hi-Tech Optimiser Cartridge) or tank water (Doulton Ultracarb Cartridge).  This filter is lightweight and completely portable, making it ideal for people who are renting or travelling.

Under Sink Systems

Pure Water Systems Under Sink Water Filter Systems are a highly efficient water solution, perfect for your home or office on the Gold Coast.

An under sink water filtration system can be single or multi-stage, using carbon block filtration or reverse osmosis purification and are available in town and tank water options. They can be neatly plumbed under your sink giving you healthy water at the turn of a tap!

Pure Water Systems have Under Sink Systems with options to bundle with our stylish range of Faucets.

Reverse Osmosis Purification 

Take your water filtration to the next level with the most effective water filter systems on the Gold Coast, a Reverse Osmosis Purification System.

Of all the methods to purify water, the process of reverse osmosis is one of the most advanced and effective. More than standard water filtration, the powerful water purification process of reverse osmosis removes all contaminants found in your tap water including total dissolved solids such as fluoride.

While reverse osmosis is excellent for removing contaminants such as heavy metals like cadmium, arsenic and chromium, healthy minerals and salts can also be removed leaving your water acidic.

Pure Water Systems also have solutions to add minerals back into your purified water via the Remineraliser Cartridge which will raise your water’s pH balance to a level considered alkaline. Minerals like calcium, magnesium, potassium and sodium are added for great potential health benefits such as improved gut and kidney health and overall wellbeing.

Inline water filters 

The Pure Water Systems range includes options for an inline filtration for your household appliances such as a chiller, fridge or washing machine as well as caravans and RVs.

Water Softeners

Say goodbye to hours of cleaning spotted shower and kitchen glass and say hello to sparkling dishes and softer laundry.

High mineral deposits in your water can be hard on both you and your home. By installing a Pure Water Systems Water Softener, you will reduce the harsh effects of scale build-up and can extend the life of your appliances, fittings and plumbing.

Available in 2 different sizes to suit varying levels of water hardness and usage, PWS Water Softeners are the perfect solution for homes and businesses in areas with hard water. 

Where can I use my water filtration system?

Pure Water Systems knows good health begins with good water, and the ultimate way to provide cleaner, safer water is to install a filter or system into your home, your business, or even out on the open road.

Water Filters and Systems for your home,

Available as DIY or fully installed water filters or systems, our home water filters are the perfect way to deliver healthy water to your Gold Coast home.

Business Water Filters Gold Coast

Bring great-tasting, clean, healthy water to your Gold Coast workplace with our range of filtration and purification systems.

Pure Water Systems have a water filter and cooler option that will fit all of your business needs from staff rooms to waiting room water coolers.

Caravan & RV Water Filters Gold Coast

Even when on the road, take your water filter with you to continue enjoying clean and fresh filtered water. We offer economical and practical solutions with our RV and Caravan Water Filters.

Why choose Pure Water Systems?

As a family-owned business, we’ve been providing clean water to Western Australia for over 30 years.

Our friendly Product Solution Team are able to find the perfect system to suit your water needs.

Pure Water Systems also offers a 3-year Parts and Labour Warranty (excluding the RO-5U) coupled with our 30-day money back guarantee, ensuring that you are receiving the best quality water available and value for money in Perth and across Western Australia.

We provide free shipping for online orders over $99 and you can shop with the convenience of Afterpay, ZipPay and PayPal.

Contact us online or by phone on 1300 808 966 and enjoy healthier and better tasting water from Pure Water Systems.