All of the benefits of Australia's leading range of water filters and purifiers with the added convenience of DIY installation in just plumber required.

Our bench top water filters include the exclusive Hi-Tech Optimiser cartridge (town water) featuring triple action filtration for simply superior contaminant reduction removing unpleasant taste and odour, and up to 101 contaminants including chlorine and parasites.      

For tank water users, the Doulton Ultracarb is available featuring an easy to clean surface for prolonged cartridge life and effective removal of chlorine and bacteria, all the while retaining healthy minerals.  

Also featured is a portable range of reverse osmosis systems featuring the Eco-Hero 50 membrane technology for superior purification performance including the effective removal of fluoride and other total dissolved solids (TDS).

These units are completely portable making them perfect for people renting or always on the move.