In a world where the quality of your drinking water can directly impact your health and wellbeing, it's essential to ensure that every sip you take is as pure and clean as possible. For over 30 years, our family-owned business has been at the forefront of providing homes with the best inline water filters in Australia, ensuring access to filtered and purified water right from the comfort of your home or even on the go.

Why choose inline filters?

Inline water filters offer a seamless and efficient way to filter your water, directly connecting to your existing water lines to provide clean water to your home and appliances, from refrigerators to washing machines.

These systems are designed to remove contaminants, such as chlorine, heavy metals and bacteria, ensuring your water is not only safe to drink but also tastes better. Ideal for use in your home, caravan or camper, inline filters are the perfect solution for anyone looking to improve their water quality.

Introducing our water filter inline products

Adventure Series Single Inline to Faucet

Are you worried about the quality of water in your caravan or camper's tank? Our Adventure Series Single Inline to Faucet is your go-to solution. This system is crafted to connect directly to your van's existing faucet, providing fresh, filtered water with the turn of a tap.

Featuring the PWS-1s+ cartridge, a 1micron silver-impregnated carbon cartridge, it reduces heavy sediment and dirt, and reduces chlorine and any unpleasant taste and odour. The silver in the cartridge helps inhibit bacteria growth, making it a smart choice for your travels.

Adventure Series Inline Sediment Water Filter

Finding a reliable water source for your caravan or camper can be challenging. The Adventure Series Inline Sediment Water Filter, featuring the C3-Inline Water Filter, is a 10 micron portable filter cartridge designed to significantly reduce sediment when filling your water tank. Ideal as the first stage of filtration, it helps protect your caravan’s water tank and piping, ensuring subsequent filters work more efficiently and your water stays clean.

Browse our range of inline filters today

Don't settle for anything less than the purest water for you and your family. With Pure Water Systems, you're investing in your health, wellbeing and peace of mind. Explore our range of inline filters today and take the first step towards cleaner, healthier water.


What is an inline water filter?

An inline water filter is a type of filtration system that integrates directly into your home's water supply line. This system is engineered to filter water before it reaches any outlet in your home, such as taps or appliances. Ideal for both residential and mobile use, these filters are designed to provide clean, safe drinking water with minimal installation.

Are inline water filters effective?

Yes. Inline water filters are highly effective at removing a broad spectrum of contaminants from your water. By targeting these impurities, inline filters improve the health quality of your water and improve its taste and odour, making it safer and more pleasant to drink.

How long does an inline water filter last?

The lifespan of inline filters can vary, typically ranging from six months to one year, based on usage volume and the level of contaminants in your water supply. It's recommended to follow the manufacturer's guidelines for filter replacement to maintain the highest quality water filtration and safety for your family.

Why do you need inline filters?

Investing in an inline water filter is a proactive step towards safeguarding your family's health. These systems provide peace of mind by removing harmful contaminants from your drinking water, and contribute to a more sustainable lifestyle by reducing reliance on bottled water. With an inline filter, you ensure that your family has constant access to clean, filtered water, essential for both drinking and cooking.