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Mar 12, 2020

5 Ways To Improve The Water Quality In Your Home

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Home renovations can seem daunting, but are a great opportunity to make quality home improvements. Some simple renovations can benefit your living space and even raise property value.

Some home renovators experience pangs of regret after overlooking important steps at the start of their project.

An easy home improvement is to improve the water quality in your home. Whether you’re planning DIY bathroom renovations or starting a veggie patch, read on for 5 ways to improve the water quality in your home.

1. Improve your drinking and cooking water – the easiest kitchen upgrade

Lever Style Faucet Polished Chrome Filtered Water On Tap

Australian water authorities are held to strict guidelines, adding up to 31 ‘consumable’ chemicals to our tap water. Disinfectant chemicals (like chlorine) are needed to kill any bacteria in town water supplies or piping systems.

When consumed, these chemicals can kill off the good bacteria in probiotic rich food and in our bodies delicate gut bacteria. Good gut bacteria contribute to a healthy immune system, and tap water may be upsetting your gut health.

A simple kitchen renovation (and budget friendly!) is to install a home water filtration system. Pure Water Systems is Australia’s market leader in water filtration and purification systems. Our water filtration systems improve your drinking water by effectively removing chemicals AND bacteria.

2. Improve your shower water – your skin and hair will thank you!

Do you or a loved one suffer from sensitive skin or eczema? Chlorine in your shower water may be drying your skin, irritating existing dermatitis conditions (like eczema) or giving you ‘chlorine rash’.

Skin can absorb more chlorine in a 10-minute shower than drinking 2L of tap water. Chlorine also vaporises and can be inhaled when you shower, entering the lungs and blood stream.

An easy way to improve your shower water (and keep your skin healthy!) is to install a shower filter. No plumber required, our range of shower filters can be installed by you to complete your bathroom renovations.

3. Improve your whole bathroom

Modern Bathroom

Installing a luxe new clawfoot bathtub or planning some simple bathroom renovations? Hard water might make it hard to clean your bath – and your body.

Hard water has high levels of minerals like magnesium and calcium which react with your soap, shampoo, and cleaning products. Instead of making a nice lather, insoluble lime soaps form, making your products ineffective at cleaning.

Those annoying small white flecks on your shower screen or chrome finishing’s are calcium deposits. Calcium deposits can build up and significantly reduce the life of your home appliances and hot water system.

You can protect your bathroom, body and whole house from hard water by installing a water softener. A water softener improves more than just your bathroom by bringing softer water to every outlet in your home.

 4. Improve your laundry water

If your washing is becoming discoloured or fading fast, your water may be to blame. Rust and sediment in water can discolour your white laundry, leaving it stained shades of brown, red or yellow.

Or, chlorine in your tap water may be bleaching once vibrant or dark laundry. A tell-tale sign is the distinct odour of bleach when you remove the clothing from your washing machine.

You can improve your laundry water (and whole home’s water quality) by installing a whole house water filter.

A whole house water filtration system, such as our UV Whole House System or Big White Washable Package reduces chemicals, rust and sediment from all water entering your home.

5. Improve your garden’s water

Healthy Garden With Filtered Water

More Australians are choosing to buy organic produce or starting their own organic veggie patch. Organic food is produced without the use of synthetic chemicals, meaning you’re eating more vitamins and avoiding pesticides.

Normal town tap water contains disinfectant chemicals that are designed to attack organic matter.  When you rinse organic fruit and vegetables or water gardens with tap water, these chemicals coat your food.

If you’re serious about not consuming chemicals, you can improve your garden’s water with a water filtration system. A high flow system, like our Whole House Carbon Filtration System, effectively reduces many volatile organic chemicals, disinfection products, solvents and other chemicals.

Are you planning some home renovations?

Shop all our online home solutions here or call our friendly water experts today to find your perfect water solution 1300 808 966.

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