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Mar 12, 2020

5 Ways Water Filters Are Helping The Australian Environment

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Australians are now using more plastic than ever, and sadly it’s turning up on our beautiful beaches and diverse bushlands. Single use plastic bottles are recorded every year in the top ten items collected on Clean Up Australia Day.

Even if you do your part by recycling, new studies report only a third of all plastic water bottles actually get recycled. That means a third of all recycling is being put into landfill sites, and a third is making its way into our environment.

By switching to a water filtration system instead of buying plastic bottled water, not only do you get filtered water on tap, you’re helping the environment by reducing all that plastic. Need some convincing? We’ve got some mind-boggling stats to help you decide.

1. Delete the need to recycle

Recycling is important as it gives new purpose to items that would otherwise be dumped into landfill. However, massive amounts of fossil fuels are needed to transport and recycle all our waste.

If one person drank bottled water all year (approx. 2L/day as recommended) that’s 1,216 plastic 600ml bottles being ‘recycled’ for just one person. Installing a home water filter instead of buying bottled water can delete the need for all that single use plastic to be recycled.

2. Plastic pollution in the ocean

Oasis Double Walled Insulated Water Bottle When plastic ‘breaks down’ in the ocean, it doesn’t degrade, it just breaks down into smaller pieces.  Even the smallest plastic bottle takes between 450-1000 years to break down.

Fish, turtles, sea birds and other marine life often mistake these small pieces of plastic as food with deadly consequences. Filling up a reusable bottle from a water filter instead of buying bottled water, means the best tasting water and less plastic pollution in our oceans (and happy dolphins!).

3. Plastic chemicals in the environment

When heated or crushed slightly, some plastics leach out dangerous chemicals – like BPA. These chemicals can potentially be consumed while drinking plastic bottled water, and absorbed into the environment if the bottle hasn’t been recycled.

Alternatively, our market leading water filtration systems effectively remove chemicals from your water. Exclusive to Pure Water Systems, our triple action Hi-Tech Optimiser features carbon block technology to ensure that you get the convenience and benefit of the best tasting drinking water, all at the turn of your kitchen tap.

4. Single use plastic bottles CO$T the environment

A bottle of water costs Australians 2000 times more than their tap water, and it’s costing the environment too. Astonishingly 3-7 litres of water and 1 litre of oil is needed to manufacture one single use plastic bottle.

More finite natural resources are then needed to freight the bottles around the world. A water filter can filter your tap water to a better than bottled standard – no freighting around the world required!

5. Plastic in landfills

Globally only about a third of all plastic water bottles (around 373 million) are dumped into landfill sites each year. As plastic bottles accumulate and take up space, more area is needed for landfills to expand.

Switching to a water filter and filling your own reusable drink bottles, instead of buying many plastic water bottles simply means less landfill. Landfill sites wouldn’t need to rapidly expand, leaving more space for natural habitats and important Australian flora and fauna to thrive.

Ready to delete the need for bottled water in your life?

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