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Dec 18, 2020

Benefits of Filtered Water

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Benefits of Filtered Water

Water filters are becoming very popular, and that's excellent news, especially if you're getting into a healthier lifestyle.

To keep our body functioning properly, it is recommended we drink approximately two litres of water per day.

If Australian tap water is considered safe and good quality, then what are the reasons for filtering it?

Healthier Water

Our tap water is regulated and checked by suppliers before it is fed into our water network, however, disinfectants such as chlorine are added to Australian town water supplies to reduce bacteria, parasites and other natural and synthetic contaminants.

Water Filters are the perfect solution for removing unpleasant water tastes and odours and reducing these contaminants from drinking water and retaining the healthy minerals, making staying healthy and hydrated simple.



Healthier Food and Drinks

We often forget that we don't just drink tap water, we also cook with it.
When we cook, we often boil water and some contaminants are evaporated, however many other pollutants may remain which can compromise the taste of our food.

Cooking with filtered water has many benefits, such as:

  • Our food tastes better
  • Coffee and tea can taste better and stronger
  • It is fabulous for washing your fruit and vegetables

Healthier Plants

Even your indoor plants and kitchen herbs can be healthier when watered with filtered water. 

Tap water containing chlorine and other additives can harm some plants. If you use filtered water, your plants will grow faster and stronger, and be much healthier.


What about the Savings $

Drinking bottled water can be more expensive than water from a filter.
Whether you're buying it to avoid the chlorine taste or because it's practical, you are certainly overspending compared to the price per litre you can receive from a water filter.

This financial benefit not only saves you money but gives you a better taste than from bottled water.


Healthier Environment

More than 118,000 tons of plastic are purchased annually in Australia because of the use of bottled water. 

About 58% of water bottles are recycled and unfortunately, some end up in the ocean where they break down into tiny pieces and mistaken for food by the marine life.

When we install a water filter in our homes, we actively contribute to environmental protection and keep the plastic consumption low.


Your Home Appliances

In many Australian households, hard water flows through the pipes meaning there are many minerals such as calcium and magnesium in the water. When the water is heated or evaporated, some of these minerals form limescale, a hard-to-dissolve mineral. While, these aren't toxic, they can harm your kitchen appliances.

A Water Softener removes calcium and magnesium, transforming the hard water into soft helping prolong the life of your home appliances and protecting your plumbing as well.


Healthier Skin and Hair

Chlorine is the most common disinfectant used to treat town water to make it safe for us and as a strong oxidizing disinfectant, Chlorine may cause skin and lung irritations.

To limit the exposure, inhalation and absorption of chlorine in the shower, you can easily install a Shower and Bath Filter. These filters will help convert disinfection products such as chlorine into a harmless salt-based chloride making the water safer and cleaner on your body.


When choosing the perfect water filter, please keep in mind what do you want to remove from your tap water.

Are you looking for an economical and portable filter to remove chlorine, common contaminants found in water, bad taste and odours? The classic option is the Bench Top Water Filter or an Under Sink System which is suitable for people who love to have their kitchen bench free form clutter.

If other chemicals like fluoride are a concern or you would like to consume purified water, a Reverse Osmosis System is recommended.

The Pure Water Systems’ friendly Customer Service Team can suggest the perfect Filter or Filter System for your needs.