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Aug 18, 2021

Top Three Ways to Remove Lead from Your Tap Water

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The issue of lead and how best to remove it from your tap water has been thrust back into the limelight recently by the Australian Building Codes Board (ABCB). With renewed vigour, the ABCB is set to release a new draft of the National Construction Code with the most notable change being a significant reduction in the allowable amount of lead in plumbing and tap water fittings.

 Effects of Lead Exposure

Lead is a persistent contaminant that can bioaccumulate in the body over time. The National Health and Medical Research Council (NHMRC) advise that there is no safe level of lead exposure, warning that it is harmful to people of all ages, with children at the highest risk. In the most extreme cases of long-term exposure, potential side effects can include high blood pressure and kidney dysfunction according to Health Line.

 Lead in Your Tap Water

Household plumbing and tap water fittings such as tapsLead contaminated pipesand connecting pipework are a major source for lead contamination. When older plumbing pipes and fixtures containing lead corrode, it can contaminate your tap water. This is particularly an issue in areas where the water is high in acidity or low in mineral content.

As a result, 9News reported the ABCB’s new plans to phase out high lead faucets, mixers, water dispensers and valves, and replace them with lead-free versions.



Top Three Ways to Remove Lead from Tap Water

Are you a home owner or do you rent? Is your home supplied by town water or a tank-fed system? Regardless of your situation or lifestyle, there are a number of solutions to remove lead from your tap water. 

Bench Top Water Filter

The top three ways are:

1. Water filtration
Carbon block filters offer submicron filtration, removing lead as well as a variety of other potentially harmful contaminants including chlorine, dirt and parasites such as giardia and cryptosporidium.

2. Reverse osmosis water purification
Of all methods to purify water, the process of Reverse Osmosis (RO) is one of the most advanced and effective. RO systems significantly reduce volatile organic compounds (VOCs) such as pesticides and herbicides, heavy metals and endocrine disrupting chemicals such as fluoride.

3. Replacing older taps with lead-free faucets and fittings
Replacing plumbing and tap fittings such as older brass faucets and valves is another method to prevent lead contamination. Regular maintenance such as cleaning out the aerator can prevent build-ups of sediment, debris and lead particles. It’s also essential to ensure that your water filtration or purification system is well-maintained through regular servicing and cartridge replacement to ensure optimal performance.


Remove Lead from your Tap Water with Pure Water Systems

1. (HTO) Hi-Tech Optimiser Cartridge (Bench Top and Under Sink options available).
Exclusive to Pure Water Systems, the Hi-Tech Optimiser Cartridge (HTO) is utilised across our range of Bench Top Water Filters and Under Sink Water Filter Systems for municipal water sources. The HTO is formulation tested to NSF standards, with the reduction of up to 101 contaminants including 98.7% of lead removal.

The Bench Top system (also available in stylish stainless steel) is easy to DIY install and ideal if you are renting or on the move. Alternatively, there are a number of under sink options which are neatly plumbed under the bench to reduce clutter in your kitchen.
One thing is for sure, they are both perfect for great tasting, fresh, filtered water at the turn of a tap.

2. Reverse Osmosis Water Purification System (EcoHero 4 Stage, EcoHero 5 Stage or RO-5U).
Pure Water Systems’ Reverse Osmosis Water Purifier performance is tested by Pentair and is NSF rated to remove 98.6% of lead from water. It is considered the ultimate in terms of water purification. Remineraliser cartridges are also available, ensuring healthy, great tasting alkaline water is always available at your fingertips.
With portable and under sink options available, choose from the EcoHero 4 Stage, EcoHero 5 Stage or state of the art RO-5U.

3. Replace old taps from our extensive range of modern and stylish, lead-free faucets.
Upgrade or bundle all Pure Water Systems filters and purifiers with a wide range of mixer taps and faucets to choose from, for an aesthetic and quality addition to your home or office. All mixer taps are Watermark Certified AS/NZS 3718.

EcoHero 4 Stage Reverse Osmosis Under Sink System

Do you want to effectively remove lead from your drinking water?

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