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Nov 11, 2019

The Top 5 Water Filter Replacement Cartridges in Australia

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Not all water filtration systems are created equal – it’s what’s inside your water filter that really counts. The cartridge is the heart of your water filtration system. So, it’s important to choose a great quality replacement cartridge that's backed up with performance proof.

We reveal the top choices for replacement cartridges for throughout your home or business to make choosing your next replacement pure and simple.

The Best Town Water Filter Cartridge: The High-Tech Optimiser (HTO)

The High-Tech Optimiser HTO Cartridge Suitable for: Town water supply (mains) | Bench Top Water Filters | Under Sink Water Filters
Micron: Submicron (less than one micron)
Replacement: Every 1892 litres or every 12 months - whichever comes first

The powerful Hi-Tech Optimiser (HTO) is the hero of Australian water filter cartridges, with its electrostatic outer wrap and advanced carbon block technology.

Pure and simple science: for an extra level of filtration, the HTO’s electrostatic outer wrap becomes positively charged as water passes through it, attracts and traps microscopic negatively charged contaminants that are too small for carbon cartridges to filter. The water then filters through the advanced carbon block and the pharmaceutical grade membrane for amazing contaminant reduction.

The HTO has been formulation tested with unrivalled results removing 99% chlorine, 98% lead and 99.95% of parasites (like giardia and cryptosporidium) - effectively removing up to 101 contaminants. This means safer, healthier water for you and your family.

Already have a water filter installed and connected to town water? No problem. The HTO is a 10” cartridge that fits into most bench top and under sink water filters. For simply superior filtration, contact our friendly experts to confirm your water filter is compatible with the HTO.

The Best Tank Water Filter Cartridge: The Doulton Ultracarb CER1

The Doulton Ultracarb Cartridge Suitable for: Tank water supply* | Bench Top Water Filters |Under Sink Water Filters

Micron: 0.9.
Replacement: Every 12 months.

*Although the Doulton Ultracarb® reduces chemicals such as chlorine, it is recommended for water supplies high in sediment such as tank water.

For excellent tank water filtration, the Doulton Ultracarb® is a highly efficient three-stage cartridge. The Doulton Ultracarb® combines enhanced ceramic technology, activated carbon water treatment and heavy metal reducing ion exchange media.

Tiny pores in this ceramic cartridge mimic the actions of rocks in nature allowing filtered drinking water to flow through and at the same time micro filter out bacteria and pathogens, allowing healthy minerals to remain. Measuring 0.9 micron (100 times smaller than a human hair) these pores work to protect your family from harmful substances, leaving great tasting, healthier filtered water to flow through your tap.

The Doulton Ultracarb® pore size and structure are expertly manufactured to consistently reduce a wide range of contaminants over the cartridge’s lifetime. Doulton® is world renowned with hundreds of years of experience providing families with clean, healthy drinking water since its beginnings in 1826. Doulton®’s commitment to the highest standards is built on years of innovation backed by UK manufacturing, ensuring top quality every time you replace your cartridge.

Because the Doulton Ultracarb®’s outer ceramic surface is designed to catch and filter sediment, dirt and parasite cysts (like giardia and cryptosporidium), the flow from the cartridge may reduce over time. The Doulton Ultracarb® can be conveniently restored to its normal flow level during its 12-month period of use with a little DIY maintenance. Just remove the ceramic cartridge from its housing and gently scrub clean with a brush or a lightly abrasive pad for an extended life and improved flow.

The Best Shower Filter Cartridge: The Slimline Shower Filter Replacement Cartridge

The Slimline Shower Filter Cartridge Suitable for: Town water supply | Slimline Shower & Bath Filter
Replacement: Every 6 months*

*This can vary depending on the water quality in your area/region

With an overflow of shower filters available to choose from, what makes the Slimline Shower Filter Replacement Cartridge a great choice for your home? This Sprite® cartridge excels at converting free chlorine (a common water supply disinfection chemical) into harmless chloride AND is easy to recycle - benefitting your body and the environment.

Filtering your shower water can be a great way to promote healthier, hydrated skin and softer hair. This compact (but quality) shower filter replacement cartridge can help alleviate side effects like dry itchy skin, damaged brittle hair and allergy symptoms that some people can experience due to common disinfection chemicals in their tap water.

Disinfection chemicals can be added to water supplies to kill harmful substances like bacteria. Once the water has safely arrived at your home, disinfection chemicals have done their job and there is no need to shower your body with them.

This replacement cartridge can also help reduce hydrogen sulfide, iron oxide (rusty water), dirt, sediment and unpleasant odours from your shower water.

Inside the cartridge is Sprite’s® patented blend of filtration media and the exclusive Extend-A-Path™ Baffle System, which allows water more contact time with the cartridge for the ultimate chlorine-free shower. On the outside of the Slimline Shower & Bath Filter is the handy Dial-A-Date Indicator to easily tell when it’s time to replacement your cartridge, so your family is always showering in healthy, filtered water.

This cartridge is easy to recycle - simply poke a hole in the cartridge’s screen and empty the contents into garden soil. The cartridge is then able to be placed with other recyclables.

The Best Remineraliser Cartridge: The Remineraliser Cartridge

Alkaline Remineraliser Cartridge Suitable for: Town water or tank water | Any 4 or 5-Stage Reverse Osmosis System
Replacement: Replacement is recommended every 12 months

Reverse osmosis systems purify your water to the highest level, removing almost all contaminants – both natural and synthetic. However, during the intense reverse osmosis process, water can become acidic as healthy minerals and salts can also be removed.

That’s where the Remineraliser Cartridge fits in. Like its name suggests, the Remineraliser Cartridge is great for adding healthy minerals back into your water right after the intense reverse osmosis process. This cartridge is simply installed between your reverse osmosis system and your tap, as the last stage of filtration so when purified water passes through it becomes remineralised.

By adding healthy minerals back to your purified water, the Remineraliser Cartridge also raises your water’s pH balance to a level considered alkaline. Minerals like calcium, magnesium, potassium and sodium are added to achieve water alkalinity for great potential health benefits. Calcium, magnesium, potassium and sodium are all minerals that humans need for healthy teeth, bones and overall wellbeing.

The Remineraliser Cartridge can also assist with Oxidation Reduction Potential (ORP), and helping to fight potentially damaging free radicals in your water.

The Best Pre Filter Cartridge: The P50/05BB-10

The P50-05BB Cartridge Suitable for: Town water | Big White and Ultraviolet Whole House systems Replacement: Every 12 months

Made by Pentair, one of the leading pioneers in smart, sustainable water solutions is the P50/05BB-10. This is the perfect pre-filter cartridge to kickstart your Big White or Ultraviolet Whole House systems. Made from 100% high quality polypropylene, the P50/05BB-10 provides superior chemical resistance and is not prone to bacterial attack.

The P50/05BB-10 impressively filters from 50 micron on the outside, down to 5 micron on the inside, achieving up to three times the dirt holding capacity of similar sized sediment cartridges. Pure and simply, this cartridge works hard to stop larger contaminants clogging up the finer cartridges in your filtration system – for optimal performance and extended lifespan.

It’s not just tank water that can contain high amounts of dirt and sediment. If you are connected to a town water supply (mains water) and are experiencing dirty and/or sediment filled water, it may be due to recent maintenance from your city’s water authorities. Discoloured and dirty water can be discouraging to drink, result in slow filtration system flow, and quickly clogged cartridges.

Time to replace your water filter cartridge?

Learn more about our replacement cartridges here, or call our friendly water experts today to find your perfect replacement cartridge: 1300 808 966.

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