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Jan 4, 2021

Why New Year's Resolution don't work

The Pure Water Systems Blog

How many ‘New Year’s resolutions’ have you managed to keep? Not very many?

It's not uncommon if you haven't managed to stick to your best laid New Year intentions. Many lifestyle coaches and guru’s swear by how important it is to make realistic resolutions instead of New Year’s resolutions.

It may even feel pointless waiting all year to decide on one or two things that you only kinda want to stop doing, when you know you possibly aren’t really committed to seeing them through.

If you're struggling to keep your New Year's resolutions year in and year out, have you wondered why they don’t work?

Resolutions are what you THINK you should do.

Save money? Stop smoking? Start exercising? Eat healthily? Balance work and life better?

These goals all sound great on the surface, but more often than not they are chosen by looking at people on social media or tv and setting unrealistic expectations for ourselves.

We set goals so broad, which means it's hard to see an immediate effect.

As soon as you set yourself a resolution, you’re saying to yourself that you want to do better, be better, but they are often long-term goals.

The very nature of long-term goals mean they are not easy to attain. New Year's resolutions are generally these types of goals.

Lose 10kg… by mid year? Create a better work/life balance? Save money?

Goals like these are certainly attainable; however for the most part they require consistent work and real dedication to achieve. And while you aspire to achieve these in the future, it's often not easy to see immediate success. This lack of instant success in today's world of quick gratification, can make it easy to slip back into your old habits and routines - and possibly even feel like you are failing all together.

There’s little commitment.

Many resolutions don’t make it past January and those that do, are often abandoned soon after. The reason? Not a lot of solid commitment as you aren’t seeing massive immediate effects.

Resolutions have a tendency to become too hard and they simply run out of steam. Once you have an initial burst of motivation, it is all too easy to fall back into the same habits.

The timing.

Not only are you coming off the back of the holidays and getting back to the harsh realities of the world, thinking of your goals and resolutions can add extra stress that simply is not needed.

Marking Jan 1 to commence something such as saving money, losing weight, or increasing mindfulness, isn’t ideal. It is the busiest time and a time to relax with friends and family, and far too easy to lose the motivation.

Forget making New Year’s Resolutions, just do 1 thing better in 2021

There is actually a resolution that you CAN keep, and that is IMPOSSIBLE to fail at, and that is; drinking more filtered water.

Drinking filtered water not only tastes better, but it is healthier for you too, and THAT can lead to other ‘goals’ being reached such as increasing exercise, cooking healthier, or just taking those mindful moments.

When you feel a little better, it just may increase your motivation.

Drinking more healthy filtered water is as simple as installing a water filters or filtration system into your home.

Pure Water Systems have a water filter or system to suit every household, from compact easy to DIY install Bench Top Water Filters, Under sink Systems or even the full reverse osmosis system, the RO-5U.

The convenience of having healthy filtered water at the turn of a tap just may be the resolution the entire family can keep.