Preventative Maintenance 

Systems neatly installed under kitchen sinks and bench tops provide a convenient way to ensure you have freshly filtered or purified water at the turn of a tap.

Under sink systems are connected to ‘mains’ water which means they are under constant pressure.  This pressure along with contaminants in unfiltered water and the continual movement of water through the system, can lead to deterioration of housings, tubing and o-rings.

Over time, these factors can also result in a loss of tension in springs found in the pressure limiting valve, meaning the system may be exposed to higher than optimum water pressure.

To mitigate the effects of wear and tear, and significantly reduce the risk of leaks, PWS recommends undertaking preventative maintenance of ‘wearing’ parts at certain intervals. Preventative maintenance includes the replacement of housings, o-rings, tubing and other serviceable items. 

In most cases, it is recommended that this preventative maintenance be undertaken every 5 years. However, individual circumstances such as regional water quality may differ and impact suggested time frames.

Although not under constant mains pressure, it is recommended that portable filters and systems, such Bench Top Water Filters and EcoHero Reverse Osmosis (Portable) Systems also undertake preventative maintenance.

As part of our service to our customers, PWS keeps track of when preventive maintenance is due and will start discussing options in the years leading up to when this service is recommended, when organising regular filter cartridge replacement and services.  

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