Why Australians LOVE our R.O. Hero

Many Australians are passionate about reducing Fluoride and Chlorine from their drinking water, but how can you do that without wasting a huge quantity of water?

The R.O. Hero is your solution to both!

  • Removes 97%+ of Fluoride & Chlorine
  • Reduces your waste water by up to 300%

What is the R.O. Hero?

The R.O. Hero (Eco-Hero-50 membrane) is our exclusive Reverse Osmosis membrane, offering the latest in Reverse Osmosis membrane technology and superior purification performance.

Many Reverse Osmosis systems can produce up to 75% waste water. Not our R.O. Hero!

  • Easy Servicing
  • Reduce Waste
  • Higher Performance
  • Save money on water bills

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We make water filtration pure and simple

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