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Of all the methods to purify water, the process of reverse osmosis is one of the most effective and advanced. More than standard water filtration, the powerful water purification process of reverse osmosis removes almost all contaminants found in your tap water.

Many Australians choose to remove the most contaminants possible from their water, by installing a reverse osmosis water purification system.


Unlike standard carbon cartridge water filtration, during the intense reverse osmosis water purification process water is pushed through an ultra-fine, technologically advanced membrane, to remove almost all contaminants that may be of concern (including total dissolved solids - TDS).

The reverse osmosis process effectively removes organic and inorganic compounds such as fluoride, viruses, bacteria, herbicides, pesticides, nitrates, algae, phosphates and more.

Learn more about the reverse osmosis process: What Is Reverse Osmosis Purification?


Installing a reverse osmosis system means you no longer have to buy single use plastic bottled water or constantly fill up water filter jugs. Reverse osmosis systems produce great tasting, purified contaminant-free water, conveniently at the turn of a tap.

While reverse osmosis systems are excellent for removing contaminants, healthy minerals and salts can also be removed and leave your water acidic. For great potential health benefits (such as improved gut and kidney health), after the reverse osmosis process, you can raise your water’s pH balance to a level considered alkaline by adding healthy minerals back to your water with a remineraliser cartridge.

More than just great tasting and healthier for you, reverse osmosis systems produce water great for washing fruit and vegetables, cooking with, hot drinks, pets’ water dishes, watering plants and more!



Pure Water Systems has a comprehensive range of 4 and 5 stage reverse osmosis systems, to suit varying water qualities around Australia and individual home requirements.

Reverse osmosis systems can be installed discreetly under your sink or wall mounted in your kitchen or laundry, for a DIY installed completely portable option.

If you located in a serviceable area, our local Service Technicians can perform routine system maintenance with each service and routine cartridge and membrane replacement.

For your convenience, our friendly Customer Service Team provide a free reminder service to let you know when your cartridge and membrane are due for replacement and any routine system maintenance needed.