To keep your whole filtration system performing optimally and ensure your cartridges are effectively removing the most contaminants possible from your water, routine system maintenance and cartridge replacement within the recommended time frame is a must.

Replace Your Filter Cartridges to Guarantee Effective Filtration

During their recommended lifespan, cartridges effectively retain the contaminants from water as it filters through them. Cartridges can become ‘full’ of contaminants after their recommended lifespan, reaching capacity and unable to filter your water. This can often result in unpleasant taste and odour from your water.

Additionally, your cartridge’s ability to effectively remove contaminants after the time frame will be significantly reduced. Contaminants in your tap water (such as chlorine, volatile organic vompounds (VOC), bacteria and heavy metals) may not be filtered after the cartridge’s capacity is reached (e.g. 1892 litres for the Hi-Tech Optimiser) and the quality of your water may be compromised.

Though some washable pre-filter cartridges can be cleaned to extend their filtration life, these cartridges will eventually need to be fully replaced to guarantee effective filtration. Prolonged use causes the cartridge ‘pores’ to open up, allowing contaminants through. Depending on the water quality in your area, washable cartridges generally require replacement when visible wear starts to show, or when you notice a difference in your water.


Replace Your Filter Cartridges to Maintain Great Flow Rate

As your cartridges become ‘full’ of contaminants filtered from your water, they may become blocked and unable to allow water to readily pass through them. This can often result in a noticeable and irritating reduction in your waters flow rate.


Replace Your Filter Cartridges to Prevent Bacterial Build-Up

Cartridges sit inside your water filter’s housing, filtering and retaining contaminants (such as chemicals, heavy metals, sediment and bacteria) from your tap water. The dark, wet and warm conditions inside the water filter housing combined with the build-up of filtered contaminants, create a perfect bacteria growth area. Using the cartridge past this due date can cause bacteria to re-contaminate the cartridge and even be reintroduced into your drinking water. This bacterial build-up is called biofilm and appears as a clear, glue-like substance around your cartridge. Unfortunately, you cannot usually taste or smell this build-up, and therefore might be unknowingly consuming water that has been in contact with biofilm.


What if I’ve Been Away and Haven’t Used My Filter?

If your cartridge has been sitting in the system (in dark, wet and sometimes warm conditions) it is recommended to still replace the cartridge within the recommended time frame to avoid build-up of biofilm. We recommend taking the cartridge out of the system and letting it dry out completely in the sun before going away or wrapping it in plastic and storing it in the fridge, this way when you return it will last you that little bit longer.


Replace Your Filter Cartridges to Protect Your Warranty

To ensure your product warranty remains valid, it is important your system is regularly maintained in line with the manufacturer’s routine servicing recommendations and all filter cartridges are changed within the recommended time frame.


Signs That it’s Time to Replace Your Cartridge

You should always replace your cartridge within the recommended time frame for optimum filtration. However, due to varying water qualities around Australia, there are a few other signs that can indicate you may need to change your cartridge earlier than the recommended time frame:

  • Unpleasant taste and/or odour
  • Reduced flow rate
  • Visual indication (a once bright white filter cartridge is now discoloured)
  • Visible biofilm - a clear gel around your cartridge

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