Whole House System Tank Jacket

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Key Features

  • Protects your Whole House System from excess moisture and extreme weather 
  • Isolates the tank to prevent the build-up of moisture and condensation puddles
  • A high quality, stylish design that is an aesthetic addition to your home


*If you are unsure of the size of your system, please contact our friendly Product Team on 1300 808 966 for assistance.

Product Description

Ensure your Whole House Filtration System remains in excellent condition with our stylish range of weatherproof tank jackets.

Australia experiences harsh weather conditions which can expose your Carbon Whole House System to extreme temperatures and damaging levels of direct sunlight. Protect your system with our high-quality range of neoprene tank jackets.

Specifically designed to insulate your Carbon Whole House System, these tank jackets provide protection from the elements. By reducing the amount of moisture developing on the outer tank, a tank jacket can prolong the life of your Whole House System.

Quick and easy to install with no modification to your existing system required. Simply use the full-length zip to place around the control valve and tank cylinder.


Carbon Whole House Specifications

SMALL (WH1) 1420 x 230mm
LARGE (WH2) 1570 x 330mm
EXTRA LARGE (WH3) 1850 x 410mm