Washable Tank Water Pre-Filter

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Key Features

  • 5 micron filtration
  • Superior dirt, rust, sand and sediment capturing capability
  • Filters larger contaminants to allow for optimum succeeding submicron filtration
  • Universal 10 inch filter size

Contaminants Removal

  • Sediment and Turbidity (e.g. sand, dirt and rust)


Please note, all cartridges may be subject to replacement earlier than the recommended period. This is dependant on individual usage and varying Australian water quality.

Product Description

The 10 inch Washable Tank Water Pre-Filter cartridge is ideal for tank (rain) water or river water supplies where high levels of sediment, sand, dirt and rust are of concern.

Due to its highly efficient holding capability of sediment and dirt particles, this cartridge is a perfect pre-filter for under sink water filtration systems with tank water supply. This 5 micron cartridge is commonly used as the first stage of filtration in under sink systems, as it allows other cartridges to optimally filter submicron contaminants (such as chemicals, heavy metals, bacteria and parasites).

Inside this washable cartridge is more than four square feet of durable polyester fabric, which is resistant to both bacteria and chemical attacks. The polyester fabric is pleated to maximise the cartridge’s dirt holding capacity and extend the time between replacement or cleaning. For added strength, the fabric is wrapped around a polypropylene core.

The versatile Washable Tank Water Pre-Filter is suitable for standard 10 inch water filtration systems and a variety of residential, commercial and industrial filtration uses.

Maintaining your Washable Tank Water Pre-Filter for optimum performance couldn’t be easier. Simply remove the cartridge from the system and hose clean with regular water, before replacing back in your system.

The Washable Tank Water Pre-Filter cartridge is suitable for standard 10 inch water filtration systems and will not impart taste, odour or colour to your water.