Pure Water Systems has been supplying superior home water filtration systems in Australia for over 30 years. One of the pillars of good health is good water, but regular tap water can contain impurities that most people don’t necessarily want to drink and almost all of which can be filtered out.

In Australia, we are fortunate to have a supply of fresh water on tap. However, it’s not the type of water you drink, but the water quality that matters.

There’s a lot you can do to improve the quality of your drinking water.

By choosing the right water filtration system and maintaining it regularly, you can reduce contaminants like chlorine, fluoride, sediment, dirt, turbidity as well as bacteria (e.g. e.Coli),  parasites (e.g giardia and chryptosporidium) and viruses, ensuring that the water in your home is better for you and your family’s health.

Pure Water System is Australia’s home of water filtration solutions for every household.