Cooler with 15L Bottle and Bench Top Water Filter

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Key Features

  • Cool and Chilled or Hot and Chilled filtered water on demand
  • Easy to DIY install – no plumber required
  • Hi-Tech Optimiser Cartridge for town water (exclusive to Pure Water Systems)
  • The Doulton Ultracarb Ceramic Cartridge available for tank water
  • Lead-free waterways
  • No rental or water delivery charges
  • Minimal maintenance and servicing
  • Highest quality parts and fittings for greater peace of mind
  • Floor standing and bench top options available in black or white

Contaminants Removal

  • Unpleasant Taste and Odour
  • Parasites and Cysts (e.g. Giardia & Cryptosporidium)
  • Sediment and Turbidity (e.g. sand, dirt and rust)
  • Chlorine and other Disinfection Chemicals
  • Herbicides and Pesticides
  • Heavy Metals e.g. lead and mercury
  • Volatile Organic Compounds (VOCs) e.g. benzine


*This system and faucet (if purchased) require installation by a licensed plumber in order to be covered under our 12 month warranty. If located in a serviceable area, Pure Water Systems can organise installation on your behalf.

*Cartridges may be subject to replacement earlier than the recommended period. This is dependent on individual usage and varying Australian water quality.

Product Description

This water cooler and filtration bundle provides refreshing cool and cold, or hot and cold filtered water on demand. Our range of portable coolers are bottle-fed to accommodate a variety of situations and include a 15L cooler bottle to store filtered water, providing a convenient, environmentally friendly and cost-effective alternative to buying bottled water for your home or business.

The Bench Top Water Filter utilises a unique triple action carbon block filtration process removing up to 99.3% of chlorine, lead and parasites. The Hi-Tech Optimiser Cartridge, exclusive to Pure Water Systems, is performance certified to reduce 101 contaminants, resulting in great tasting and healthy filtered water in your home or office. Tank water options are also available.

Combining a stylish design with durability, the ‘cloud white’ cabinets are a combination of high impact ABS plastics and powder-coated steel. Also available in ‘gloss black’, all surfaces are easy to clean and provide superior resistance to UV light. Our cooler range also come with a removable drip tray for easy cleaning and maintenance.




Cooler Dimensions (H x L x W) 950mm x 310mm x 310mm
Half Size Cooler 310mm x 310mm x 534mm
15L Bottle Dimensions (H x Dia.) 455mm x 260mm
Cold Tank Capacity 4L
Hot Tank Capacity 1.8L



Tap Approx. Temp.
Cold Approx. 4 - 8°C 
Cool Room Temperature
Hot Tap Approx. 84-87°C 

* Output temperature may vary depending on room temperature where the Cooler is installed and thermostat temperature set.


Room Temp °C 21 27 32
150ml Cups / Hour 10°C 44 32 18
Litres / Hour 10°C 6.6 4.8 2.7
Hot Water Delivery 45 x 170ml Cups / Hour

*Intermittent use only, continuous use will result in reduced performance.


Cold Water Reservoir Stainless steel
Cabinet UV treated ABS plastic
Side Panels Zinc-coated steel, high polymer polyester
15L Bottle Polycarbonate
Taps NSF approved polypropylene



Dimensions (H x L x Dia.) 290mm x 147mm x 110mm
Spout Height 240mm
Tube Colour White
Tube Length 1M


Material Food Grade Polypropylene
Pressure Rating 125 PSI
Temperature Rating < 51.7°C


Flow Rate 3L / Minute
Min/Max Pressure 210 - 700 KPa (30 - 100 PSI)
Min/Max Temperature 4.4 - 38°C
Product Dimensions   250mm x 73mm (10" x 2.5")
Micron Rating Submicron
Material Electrostatic outer wrap, pharmaceutical grade membrane, blend of activated carbons